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Some background

Through my brokerage business in fruit juices and concentrates I have always been in touch with companies involved in grape juice concentrate... and wine. For many of those relations, the wine part was the family part, the passionate and less industrial part, the stories during lunch or dinner part.

Mainly through the lovely people behind these companies in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, I got to learn about wine. The basics of terroir, rootstocks, harvest, pruning, weather and time, grape skin, cork and bottles, fermentation and yeast. I was and still am intrigued, but...I had and still have many questions.

Fast forward to today

We see a lot of changes in all industries. I see developments in tech that bring new twists and opportunities to the beautiful artisanal profession of wine-making. Whether it is Internet of Things that allows for better monitoring of soil, or Blockchain for new ways to fight wine fraud and improve traceability... there is a lot going on. And I want to learn how current and future generations feel about these developments.
Rather than keeping all this to myself, I see it as a good moment to collect and share these valuable answers and opinions.

Both professionals and enthusiasts could have a better understanding of the most basic element of wines: its origin. Not just about rootstocks and variety, but especially about the location and its very specific conditions that make each wine unique. The latter also involving the personal part, the community, family & friendship stories that give the wine its full glory, enhance its flavor just a little more.

This kind of stories are what makes a wine speak, these are the stories that you usually hear when visiting one of the wineries and when you have a chance to get close and personal with the winemaker. Something I hope you will experience reading the personal and in-depth stories in the rootstocks newsletters.

Nice, but who are you?

Touché. My name is Jan van Iperen and I connect people in the ingredients industry.

Whether it is old skool through brokerage or new cool through blockchain for food, I strongly believe in the added value of knowing one’s blend of personal and professional backgrounds. And that is what I seek to bring the right people together, or to give those darn interesting people a platform and audience.

rootstocks is such platform for wine lovers and wine professionals.

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… and why do I pay?

Besides access to ALL interviews and the additional features, there is another reason to give this newsletter a price tag. Looking into the future I see rootstocks transforming into a richer experience, with audio and video elements to complement the story-telling. That comes at a cost and I prefer to add features along the way without increasing the price for the early subscribers.