Give it time...

When it is better to take a breather

The silence of the past two months was not planned, yet intentional. There are moments in life when you need to prioritize. Even beyond work and side projects.

Family and Health always come first.

On December 12th my third son was born. Quinten van Iperen. We knew up front (and thank God for that knowledge) that he would require extra care. At the 20 weeks sonogram he was diagnosed with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia; a hole in his diaphragm. On the 16th of December this was fixed during surgery and while he still is in the NICU, his speed of recovery shows that the repair was successful. His outlook on life is good, normal. We cannot be more blessed with him and the care we received in Children’s National Hospital.

I dropped everything. I wanted to be there for my wife, my other 2 sons and for him: before, during and after delivery.

Hence I kept you waiting for the second interview. I trust you understand.

New Year, new interviews

I wish you and your loved ones health and prosperity for the new year, mine could not have started more exciting with the newborn.

Later this month the next interview will be announced, I am already excited to be able to share the beautiful holistic approach of grape farming and wine making of this remarkable winemaker.

2 other winemakers are already line up afterwards, but am very open to suggestions: Please let me know by reply or in the comment thread which special winemaker you want to see inter

Will be in touch soon!

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